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Getting SR22 Insurance After an Incident

If you have a history of offenses while driving, even if it is only one error, there is a chance that California will require you carry an SR-22 car insurance certificate of financial responsibility whenever you drive. This is a special type of insurance that shows legal proof you’re insured while at the wheel and that you have at least the minimum liability car insurance coverage deemed necessary after the incident.

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If you are already aware of what SR-22 is for and you know you need it to continue driving, contact us now for a free insurance quote. We will help get you back to driving legally right away – it’s not worth the risk of driving without insurance, especially if you’re required by law to have SR-22 car insurance.

Generally, those who are required to get SR-22 insurance coverage must maintain the policy for at least three years. However, some parts of the country force those with first-time offenses into longer terms. If the California court system deems that you need this special coverage certificate, the consequences can be even more life altering than the punishment for your original offense.

What Driving Incidents Lead to SR-22 Insurance Requirements?

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For those who have heard of this type of insurance before ever being forced to carry it, they often assume that it is only required by people who have a recent DUI or DWI on their record. However, there are a number of violations that can lead to California making you get an SR-22. While not comprehensive or absolute, the following driving violations often lead to a SR22 insurance requirement:

  • DWI / DUI
  • At-fault collisions
  • Driving with suspended driver’s license
  • Reckless driving
  • Repeat driving incidents

Even smaller moving violations can lead to you needing SR-22 insurance coverage in California if you rack up enough of them over a short period. Likewise, having any offense occur while driving without insurance can lead a SR-22 requirement, even if you aren’t ticketed at the time of the violation.

Consequences of Driving Without an SR-22

In most locations, if you allow your SR-22 to lapse, for any reason whatsoever, the time requirement for the coverage will either be reset back to the aforementioned three years or extended for an even longer time period. Still, that isn’t the worst of what you can expect in some cases.

Additional punishments you can receive for letting your SR-22 lapse may include the following:

  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Driving privileges revoked
  • Loss of vehicle
  • Inability to renew license
  • Loss of registration
  • Loss of license plates
  • Arrest and jail time

And don’t think you can simply get away with not having SR-22 insurance assuming they won’t find out – most states use the Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting system to automatically report insurance information to the DMV. Even before your coverage is about to lapse or be cancelled, the DMV will be informed of the occurrence. The moment you let the SR-22 insurance expire or stop, the punishments above can start being implemented and the local authorities will be alerted.

Compared to what the California court orders you to do after the original violation that caused you to need the SR22 certificate of financial responsibility in the first place, the punishments for not having that coverage often leaves people who rely on their cars without any recourse. It can leave an impact on your life that is swift, substantial, and will last for years.

To put it bluntly, if you are ordered to get a SR-22 insurance certificate, don’t risk driving without it. Contact us now to get your insurance up and running as early as today.

Fees and Average Cost of SR-22 Insurance

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When it comes to SR-22 insurance quotes, you should reasonably expect that the cost is going to be somewhat higher than your old insurance rates. This is wholly because your driving record has been impacted so negatively by the violation that led to this situation – insurance carriers will have deemed you a high-risk driver. Nevertheless, your driving record before the violation will still play a major role in how much you end up paying, and good drivers can still see reasonable rates. That being said, because there is so much variation between drivers and the events that led to looking for SR-22 quotes, there isn’t an average cost for this kind of auto insurance coverage.

When first starting with SR-22 insurance, the DMV itself may require that you pay fees to file your SR-22 with them, which is between $15 and $25 in most states. Furthermore, if your license or registration was suspended, you will likely have to pay another $100 or more depending on where you live. Some of these filings can be handled by your insurance agent, but you may have to pay a little more than the actual filing cost for the convenience of not making yet another trip to the DMV.

How Long Your SR-22 is Valid

After receiving your SR-22 and filing it with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, it will be managed the same way as most car insurance. As long as it is paid for, it will remain valid. As noted above, if this policy is canceled or you back out of it at any time, the SR-22 insurance company will inform the DMV right away, which may lead to a number of personal and financial issues for you. It can even lead to you being arrested!

Get Your SR22 Insurance Quote Now – Be Insured Today!

While the majority of insurance companies have the capacity to provide you with SR-22 car insurance, some may just tell you that they won’t insure you or be unresponsive to your requests. That being said, it is often best to deal with insurance agencies that are open to SR-22 insurance requests as they will not waste your time in making you wait – potentially for days putting you in situations where you can’t legally drive.

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